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Ya’ll can’t even afford bus ride to the next village — Huddah Monroe slams people hating on women that visit Dubai

Popular Kenyan socialite and entrepreneur, Huddah Monroe has lambasted those who point accusing fingers at women who visit Dubai.

This comes amid the trending conversation about women who sleep with dogs for money, and others who eat the faeces of wealthy Arab men in Dubai in exchange for money.

The act known as ‘Porta Potty’ is said to be a sexual fetish for some Arab men as they ‘enjoy’ pooing in the mouth and bodies of women, especially African women.

Reacting to trending convo, Huddah Monroe took to her IG story to tackle people peddling the story.

She wrote,

You wish you can afford to live or even visit Dubai but you can’t. So you have to say shit about all the women that visit or live there to make your miserable life in Africa or wherever justifiable! Lol!

When I see people talking shit about Dubai. Y’all wish you could even afford a bus ride to the next village but cannot. Porn hub is full of people eating shit. White people do the most. So is that what people living in Europe and America do.

Rich/Poor is a state of mind! Africans have a long way to go.

If you are poor doesn’t mean everyone else is. If you can’t afford to visit or live in Dubai don’t mean others cannot. You are poor on your own with your team of hating ass hoes in the corner.

Lol! Africans y’all need to get otta that meant slavery. Anything in life is possible.

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