Yahoo Boy Runs Mad After Failing To Complete His Rituals, See What He Was Told To Do

A young man is identified as leonel_tchvps on Instagram, has reportedly gone insane after he failed to complete a ritual.  Continue Reading>>>

We gathered that the alleged internet fraudster (Yahoo Boy) is a Cameroonian and liked to call himself an entrepreneur, an investor and an engineer in food processing.
An insider who pled anonymity disclosed that the young man had joined a secret cult, where he was asked to rap£ an 11-year-old girl as a ritual sacrifice, to continue being successful. Shockingly, his mother is reportedly aware of all his activities.  Continue Reading>>>
However, fate pulled a fast one on him and he was caught in the process of molesting an 11-year-old girl. An angry mob stripped him nak£d and proceeded to pounce on him.
The source revealed that, as they were beating him up, he suddenly ran mad. There have been speculations that his cult made him mad to stop him from disclosing information that might expose their activities.
The incident happened very recently and when we visited his Instagram page to further confirm the reports, his last post was made on July 11, 2020.
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