Will friends ever leave – best friends

Will friends ever leave – best friends

Will friends ever leave – best friends.

As a human being, friendship is what we do daily, we meet strangers and everything. It is something easy and understandable. So the question is can friends ever leave! Before we get started friends and friendship will be properly defined.

Definition of a friend! – a friend is someone that is not a family that you can share your affection with, your emotions, sympathy and also have fun with. One thing about friendship or having friends is that they can be anywhere either in the place with you nor in a far distance even online or you can say that friendship is defined as a person that is always there for you and you are also there for the person when in need or for anything.

In every friendship zone, there is or there are ups and downs, what matters is how you guys address the issue at hands. There are different types of friends moreover friendship, we have the social media. We have platforms that links us to a lot of people known and unknown such as Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. So do not be confused with real life friends. This social media friends are mostly intimate, so they talk to you occasionally so the friendship may not really be there and likely there are not friends you talk to when you have a problem but anyway depending on the level of communication And relationship.

There are also a casual friends : this types of friendship you share a lot of emotions with them and you guys a times

Reasons why friends cant leave

ATTENTION: a friend should or is always there for a fellow, not withstanding the circumstances. The person is always there no matter the trial, even when you lose your things, they are always stuck with you.

ATTENTIVE: a friend is always open and they are good listener. They keep your words to themselves no third parties. They keep your secret safe.

THEY MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER: your good friends they are the one you spend quality time with anywhere and time. They are with you in your good and bad days.

YOU ARE CONNECTED: if thing goes bad for your friends then indirectly it affects you Because of the intimate connection. In every friendship or even relationship there must be argument and times when friends do not talk to each other, which is not supposed to end the relationship or friendship but to grow the understanding and bond. If your friendship or relationship does not argue then you need to leave that relationship unless you guys do not have anything to achieve later on.

Types of friends you should avoid.

The needy: this type of friends are the ones that will come to you whenever they need your help maybe money, clothes, shoe and food. They only come to use your fortune, once it is gone they will go as well. So try and avoid such people in your life .

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