What They Fail To Know Was That 9 Out Of 10 Person That Voted For Obi Isn’t A LP Member- Farotimi

What They Fail To Know Was That 9 Out Of 10 Person That Voted For Obi Isn't A LP Member- Farotimi

The opposition’s efforts to undermine Peter Obi’s Labour Party have been attacked by Mr. Dele Farotimi, a Nigerian lawyer and Obi’s spokesman. Farotimi claims the opposition is ignoring the fact that the vast majority of Labour Party voters on February 25th are not actual Labour Party members.  Continue Full Reading>>>

He went on to say that opposition members are attacking the Labour Party out of fear of what the tribunal could do, and that the substance of the case itself will soon open up.

Mr. Farotimi made the aforementioned disclosure on Monday afternoon during an interview with Sahara Reporters TV.

But he meant to say was something like, “They assume that totality of mandate that was given on the 25th could be dissipated if they destroy Labour Party, what they fail to understand was that 9 out of 10 person who voted Peter Obi is not a member of LP.” Because they fear the repercussions of taking legal action.  Continue Full Reading>>>

According to him, if the court truly allowed cameras into the courtrooms, he would be absolutely shocked.

Even though the opposition parties have done everything they can to divert attention away from the tribunal, he said, the Nigerian people are waiting patiently to await the verdict that would be rendered.

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