Thursday, January 20, 2022

WHAT SHOULD I DO? Should I Resign My Teaching Job And Face My Bike Business Full Time?

I have to decide whether to stay at my current job or pursue my bike business full-time.

If you remember I narrated how my place of work is under paying me (30k/month) and I was able to save 10k on monthly basis from it and I got a loan from my girl’s mum and added to get a bike to ride after work (a secondary School).

I stay in the school compound without paying rent and others utility bills.

So on the 1st of this month the owner called and told me that because of the School reputation, they wouldn’t want their teacher doing bike work and that it’s either I resign from the School or drop the bike (alternatively I should find someone’s going to do the bike business for me and bring me returns).

At The initial point I wanted giving it to someone, but on a second thought, I decided to do it by myself cos one person I asked to do it was telling me he will pay 1k/day meanwhile when I go out after work, I normally make like 2k – 3k from 3pm to 6pm and the guy is telling me he will remit 1k for working from 7am to 6pm.

Now I need advice on this. Cos I have been thinking of quiting and focusing on the bike work for the moment. I make way pass 6k on a good day but at that school we are paid 1k/ day.

My only challenge now is getting accommodation to pack out and focus on my stuff. I have also thought about entering into transport business since I started this bike work and I also intend going into the delivery business too.

What Should I Do?

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