What is DirectAdmin? What do you know about DirectAdmin

What is DirectAdmin? What do you know about DirectAdmin

The hosting control panel market has long been taking over by cPanel and its unimaginable versatility, But as the management changed, the prices for the product also did, and not for the better too; Hosting providers experience heavy hits overnight, with some industry seeing hundreds, even thousands of percent rising,
Regardless of cPanel’s many benefits, it seemed the time had come for more affordable differ, It was time for DirectAdmin to blow and know to the world,
What is DirectAdmin?
DirectAdmin has been out since 2003, operating under the proprietary license from the JBMC Software, The control panel was developed to make the everyday tasks of webmasters eazy, especially those with little or no formal experience,
Similar to cPanel, DirectAdmin can run perfectly fine under Linux and its major distributions :CloudLinux, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat, and more:
This affordable control panel solution is relatively easy on your server when it comes to its system requirements: DirectAdmin only needs:
Processor: 500 MHz
RAM: at least 1 GB
Disk Space: 2 GB
We can easily conclude the platform is simple and lightweight but is that enough to replace the benefits of cPanel or even Plesk?
Benefits of DirectAdmin
Under the hood, DirectAdmin has a few notable characteristics that can surely wow potential customers. While not unique per se, those are areas where DA greatly excels and improves with each new version;
Amazing Graphics Interface (GUI) – if you’re looking for simplicity – DirectAdmin is definitely the right pick. Instead of an overwhelming number of sections and options, all your features are stacked under three main branches – Account Manager, Email Manager, and Additional Features. The feats are clearly visible, and most of them are self-explanatory even before you click them;
Affordable Subscription Plans – the reasonable pricing is what still keeps DirectAdmin competitive in a market where much more complete solutions exist. CPanel’s prices are already off the roof, and Plesk isn’t far behind. Compared to that, DirectAdmin offers a free trial account, as well as three premium options, starting from just $2/mo;
Integrated Ticketing Support – apart from your hosting provider’s support, you can also get direct assistance from the DirectAdmin technicians. Users on the Lite and Standard plans can benefit from an integrated ticketing system inside the control panel. This way, if there is something wrong with DirectAdmin and its operations – you can get help straight from the source.Automatic Crash Recovery – another great thing that DirectAdmin watches over is the stability of your services. Should something unexpectedly go down, DA will first try to restart the service to see if this will fix the issue. If that doesn’t work – the system will send an emergency notification to the webmaster, helping them deal with the problem in due time.DirectAdmin main features
To keep everything simple for the end user, DirectAdmin developers keep the range of features rather on the low side. Still, the platform offers all essential options for webmasters, developers, and resellers to easily manage a VPS or dedicated server;
These include:
Account Manager – this is the section with your most important hosting functionalities. You can manage FTP accounts, MySQL databases, and SSL certificates from this area. Your domain operations are included as well, giving you options to deal with subdomains, DNS zones, and site redirections
Email Manager – everything related to the business communication with your domain name. Apart from the email accounts, you will find options for autoresponders and vacation messages. Email Manager also contains extensive settings for email filtering, and the partnership with SpamAssassin will ensure no spam can breach your inboxes.Additional Features – most of the features inside are better suited for advanced users, but it’s worth digging into a few of them. For example, two-factor authentication can greatly increase your defenses against outside breaches. Cron Jobs can help you automate some of your hosting tasks. The account backup options are also here, and that’s definitely something you should keep an eye on;
You see, not every control panel on the market has to be stuffed with features. Sometimes going the simple route is better, and DirectAdmin gives you more than enough to operate a hosting account efficiently;

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