What is 5g | everything you need to know

What is 5g | everything you need to know

Lets start by knowing the meaning of network before we proceed to the main topic 5G network.
What is network?
It can be defined as a multiple computer and other devices connected together to share information (interconnect)
Type of network
We have different types of network, they are
Local area network ( lAN)
Personal area network (PAN)
Metropolitan area network (MAN)
Campus area network (CAN) and so on. We have about eleven types of network.
Talking about network in the future, network will be very fast and that is where 5G network comes in. Network will be fast and help also in solving a lot of problems across the globe.
FILE SHARING: Network has made it much easier to share where ever you are in the world. You can comfortably send or share or receive any file or document anywhere or any place . we also have our local means of sharing file through our xender or flashshare via wifi connection. And they are fast and reliable.
RESOURCE SHARING: in this type of network you have to connect to a periphial devices such as scanner or photocopying machine to receive a file.
The node of network are classified by different way such as personal computer network, server and general purpose host to organize network traffic, network size, topology are all determine by transmission medium that carry’s the bandwidth. The computer network has extended the interpersonal interaction by the use of various technologies such as online chatting, video call, emailing, messaging, and buying of goods online. Network allow the transfer of file, data and other information from one computer to another.
Topography of network.
It is the layout and pattern of interconnected network host, which in the physical or geographic region. Common layouts are
Bus network: all the nodes are connected to a single medium or host. Ethernet is used here.
Ring network: each nodes are connected to the neighbors that is left and right nodes. Such as fiber disturbed data interface is used here.
Tree network: the node are connected in a tree like structure. All this connection maybe not be seen physically so no need for much stress.
Overlay network: can be defined as network that is built formerly on another network. They are connected logical or virtual.
Wired network: these are network that uses wire cable in networking such as coaxial cable, twisted pair etc.
Wireless network: these are network that establish these connection using electromagnetic means for communication such as radio, communication satellites and cellular network.
5G network is said to be the fifth generation wireless technology. That will be the fastest in the present future. We have other networks such as 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, and then 5G. Let’s explain the older network technology below.
1G: it is the first amongs them all.
2G: it is the second generation network, it came with sms and voicemail.
3G: this is the third generation network that most of the phones in the 21th century is using. It came with GPS tracking and enables image sharing and average internet browsing.
4G: it has a deep interest access on our recent mobile phones.
5G: this is the fastest network for now that means it has a quicker download, so it makes user both the layman and business owner’s experience the fastest network and access more information than the other G networks.
The CEO, Handsome once said that “in the future, everything in form of network will be converted to 5G”. In this century technology is fast rising. 5G network might not be the last, other G network will still come. The CEO hans is walking tirelessly to make sure that the network is on massive scale. I know people will be asking how 5G network works, can it change someone life?. I know but don’t worry we will answer this questions in due time.
To know 5G, you have to know the origin, where it came from. From what I mentioned earlier, it all started from 1G network, where it was about voicemail then when 2G came, it came with message and texting features. Then it moved to 3G network, providing the essential network speed for mobile phones and then 4G came, and gave us high data transfer.
5G ultra is currently available in 70+ U.S cities and before the end of 2020 it must have increased to about 100+ cities in the world. 5G network was introduced to Nigeria during the covid 19 lock down and they aborted the plan and 5G is not in Nigeria. So currently Nigeria do not have 5G network and ever if the network is in Nigeria then the network is few Because it is not officially announced. As they said the network is dangerous to the human health because it emits radiation and also know that the radiation emitted is evaluate to the military weapon and that should be the disadvantage of the 5G network. By 2025, they say 5G network will have around 1.8 billion users. The advantage of this 5G network is that it has a greater Bandwidth and also download speed. 5G network ranges from 50 megabits to gigabits. Samsung galaxy S10 is the first phone to accept 5G connection followed by Nokia and iphone 12.
1. with the recent 5G network, you can comfortably transfer rich and complex information in a very fast rate that is it has speed.
2. High quality HD movies can be downloaded very fast even in seconds.
3. The CEO said that by 2034 5G network will be globally used especially in work place, schools, and so on.
With the fastest speed and connective network. 5G network allows faster network than the communication between vehicles, infrastructure and people walking on the road. The better advantage of 5G over 4G for users is for coverage. 5G device will soon dominate the world.

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