What I Told My Wife When I Heard That God Is Waiting For Me In Jalingo – Paul Enenche Reveals

What I Told My Wife When I Heard That God Is Waiting For Me In Jalingo-Paul Enenche Reveals

The Founder and Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre Pastor Paul Enenche in a live-streamed video shared their message with the public.  Continue Full Reading>>>

While speaking on Through listening to the voice behind the verse, the cleric reportedly stated that “The Bible is pregnant with the voice of God. Speaking further he said ” What is ‘The Water’? It’s the Word of God.

God has spoken once, twice have I heard, the first hearing is the ‘Logos’ and the second hearing is the ‘Rhema’. When I heard that He is waiting for me in Jalingo, I told my wife, ‘God spoke to me’! It was from the Bible and I was reading Psalms 24 and as I kept praying and reading, a voice jumped out of that Scripture.  Continue Full Reading>>>

It was ‘Logos’ first and then it changed straight to ‘Rhema’ because the one who wrote it is the one who is speaking! He moves from the written one to the speech.

Speaking further he said ” On this note, If you can familiarize yourself with what is written, very soon heading frequently to what is spoken will not be a challenge to you.

While he continues he said “Many of us will say “God is not talking to you and God is not talking because, all the ones He was talking, you did nothing about them. Have you read Mark 4:24 before? If you want God to speak to you more, show him what you are hearing.

Because When a child is misbehaving and I say, ‘Sit down ‘! And he keeps running up and down! I will say, ‘Are you not hearing what I’m saying’!

Speaking further he said ” For as long as that child is still moving up and down it still proves he’s not hearing what you are saying, but when he hears you he will sit down. So in the same vein, God is saying, ‘I am talking, what are you doing about it? And you want me to talk more?

He’s not talkative and it’s not a political rally where they are telling you everything from their mouth and it is not found anywhere. It just landed on the political ground and ended there.


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