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“We were removed from a project after kickoff for being Nigerian” – RMD’s daughter, Nichole reveals

Nichole, the daughter of veteran Nollywood actor RMD, has recounted how she lost a project because she’s Nigerian.

Nichole made this disclosure while reacting to a tweet by another Nigerian who had a similar experience.

The 35-year-old who is the founder and managing partner of an investment management firm, said that she and her team were removed from a project in Africa because of their nationality as Nigerians.

She however didn’t mention the Africa country where the incident happened.

“We were removed from a project after kickoff in Africa’s “best” country for being Nigerian”, she tweeted.

In other news, Nollywood actress and entrepreneur, Beverly Naya, has opined that Nigerians’ ability to survive and thrive in the most uncomfortable situations is both a blessing and a curse.

Taking to her verified Twitter handle, she commended the ability of Nigerians to quickly move past any difficult situations and circumstances that were meant to break them.

She noted that the past few days have been very tough for Nigerians due to the lingering fuel scarcity and national power outages. However, Nigerians have moved past it and everything feels normal.

She noted that the resilience of every Nigerian is a blessing and a curse.

In her words,

“Yesterday was a very tough day for Nigerians, but today feels like any regular day. I don’t know how we’re this resilient as a people, but it’s a blessing and most definitely a curse.”

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