“We Never Expected LP’s Invasion, Even Though APC May Be in Power for 16 Years” — Ex-Gov. Suswam, leader of the PDP

"We Never Expected LP's Invasion, Even Though APC May Be in Power for 16 Years" — Ex-Gov. Suswam, leader of the PDP

According to Gabriel Suswam, a PDP leader and former governor of Benue State, the ruling APC could stay in office for 16 years. The well-known lawmaker said in an interview with AIT News that he was still unsure of the party that might unseat the APC.

Suswam spoke on the subject and said,

“We are now in the opposition, and we will look at the faults of the government that will be formed, and we will know what to do from there. The other parties were in opposition during the PDP’s 16 years in power, since the APC had not yet been formed…… CONTINUE READING 

If this election stands, then the APC will be in power for four more years. The APC may also be in power for 16 years until the PDP or any other party takes over from them. We never expected the invasion of the Labour Party.

He added, “People thought the LP would gain nearly five governors, but they have gotten just one, and this is different from what we saw during the presidential election. If what happens with LP continues, the dynamics of politics in Nigeria would be different. This is my belief.

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