Video: Lady guns down a man after he punched her at the petrol station

Video | Lady guns down a man after he punched her at the petrol station

It is often said that the world we live in today is very different from the world our ancestors and parents grew up in, and that is because things have changed and the world is no longer peaceful for humans to crime and murders are getting worse.  Continue Full Reading>>>

There are even places in the world today where women are not safe walking alone, and it is because of dangerous things that have happened to them. Some women have bought guns to try and protect themselves from potential dangers while out in the world.

Speaking of women being insecure when they are in the world, there was a video showing that, the video went viral on social media, and what the woman did in the video surprised many people.  Continue Full Reading>>>

The video shows a woman at a gas station walking to her car, when she got into her car, a man can be seen coming up behind her and even seen shouted the woman.

The woman tried to leave, the man was seen hitting the woman, then the woman shot the man and left. I am sure that most of us would agree that it seems that the woman shot the man in self-defense, while the man beat her and probably threatened her life.

These comments are full of people saying that the man should be shot because he brutally assaulted the woman when she did nothing to him.


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