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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Twitter user called out after he asked for nudes from a 17-year-old girl via snapchat (Screenshots)

A Nigerian man simply identified as Kosi has been called out on micro-blogging platform with allegations that he is a paedophile.

Another Twitter user with the handle @nesctween shared screenshots of his alleged snapchat conversation with a girl said to be a 17 year old.

In the chat, he begged to see the girl’s nudes and asked if they could ‘masturbate mutually’.

See below ;

In the spirit of outing predators, manipulators and paedophile abusers, why were you being intentionally sexually suggestive with a 17 year old here

She kept saying no and you kept manipulating her into doing your bidding, knowing fully well that she was underage. Why didn’t you leave her alone?

Making her decide if the age difference was a problem? She was 17 and even admitted to being a minor here! You knew all along! What manner of incel are you? Did it feel good when you finally got what you wanted and made her satisfy your pedophilic urges? Did it?

“Queen of Teenage Twitter?” 🤮🤮 How dare you?? “What’s the first thing you’d do on your 18th birthday??” YOU KNEW ALL ALONG AND YOU EXPLOITED HER!!! always asking to see her nakedness, just how low does it get with you? And finally admitting to wanting to fuck a minor?

This was you in all your 30+ glory being a pervert in the DMs of a 17 year old child.

. And I just want to know why. We know she wasn’t the only one. Hopefully the other women also speak up and you get what’s coming to you.

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