Top 7 Female Nigerian Musicians In 2022

Top Nigerian female singer in 2022 – Top 7 Female Nigerian Musicians In 2022

Top 7 Nigerian female singers legitvibes

Music is supposed to be engaging, soothing and exciting. It keeps us on our toes and helps us feel the rhythm of the world. However, the industry is no longer making much of an impact. The trends have changed and the audience is no longer interested in mainstream music. If anything, the music industry is in a slump. It is no longer making much of an impact.
There are many young ladies who have made the music industry lively and stun everyone with their stunning performances. These ladies are really good at what they do and their talents are worth praising. These ladies are young, talented and hot. They are now becoming very popular all over the world with their numerous songs.
Here is a list of seven of the most popular young ladies who are now ruling the music world.

Top seven Nigerian female singers in 2022
Ayra Starr
Di ja

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The music industry has been one of the most competitive fields online. So much has been said about the industry by those behind the scenes, those on the inside and those that have been a part of it. This blog will be a first person account of the life of a musician trying to make a name for himself in the competitive music industry.
Tems is a Nigerian musician, that has  released a lot of song including essence with wizkid and drake and also released an album  the first being the TOAST TO THE GOOD LIFE Album. she is also a music producer, who just released her first hit single titled JUICY with Mavins Records.
Tems is a Nigerian musician, that has been around for a while. she has been one of the most influential artistes in Africa for some time and his music is very popular. she has released some hit singles and some hit albums and she is a very influential artiste in the world of music.
Over the years, there has been a continuous rise in the number of music enthusiasts in the world. This has led to the rise in the number of music artistes. The trend has caused it to be very competitive to become noticed in this industry. However, the case is very different with Tems. she has managed to stand out because of her unique voice.Tems is a Nigerian musician, that has  released a lot of song including essence with wizkid and drake and  also released  an album  titled  “Tems is just the beginning


As someone who is obsessively addicted to music, I realize that there are many people who do not know who Teni is. However, there are some people who do not know who Teni’s sister is. Here is the blog on this beautiful music icon.
More than two decades ago, when Niniola announced that she would be making an album, many people said she couldn’t do it. She was too young. She hadn’t “paid her dues” by spending years in the music industry. But she didn’t care. She just wanted to sing. She wanted people to hear her voice. And in the past two decades, she’s shown that she’s in it for the long haul.
She has not gotten any award yet and she recently released on album, she is Teni’s sister. A lot of the things you know about teni is not really teni it is Teni, but she is talented too. She has produced a lot of music. This post will show you the discovery of her.
A Nigerian singer, teni’s elder sister. She has produced a lot of music. But has not gotten any award yet and she recently released on album.
Dave Song Jideh was born on the 5th of may 1991 to a Policeman father and a housewife mother. She hails from a family of six. Jideh started singing at a very young age and she strongly believes that she was a gift from *** to her parents.
A Nigerian singer, teni’s elder sister. She has produced a lot of music. But has not gotten any award yet and she recently released on album. Most of the people who know her don’t understand her. Although she has not won any award she still make music.
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Ayra Starr

Ayra Starr is a talented singer, songwriter and model. She is originally from Nigeria but now lives in London. Her mother is a Christian minister while her dad is an artist. She started singing at the age of 4 and started writing her own songs at age 12. Her dad was her biggest influence. She is currently working on her EP. We spoke to Ayra Starr about her career so far.
The past couple of weeks have been exhilarating for Ayra Starr. The singer has been making waves in the Nigerian music industry and her hit song “No Fake Love” has been topping charts for a while now. This week Ayra Starr released her new single “Shawty” and she is set to release another song titled “Sugar” in the next few weeks. This blog will take a look at Ayra Starr’s rise to fame and how she has risen to become such a notable player in the Nigerian music.
In 2016 Ayra release her first single “I can’t stop” under the management of Roger Goode founder of the multi-talented entertainment agency Goode Music. In 2018, she released a single titled “Trouble” under the management of Nicki Minaj’s manager Chris Smith and a recent single “Blow Ya Whistle” under the management of Lamont “Rodeo” Bailey of Rodeo Music. Ayra has also been interviewed by many media outlets across the globe.


The life of a musician is an interesting one. You never know where it could lead you. Aṣa’s music influences grew over the years from the collection of great music her father had built up for his work as a cinematographer. She takes you through the journey of discovering the world of music.
Aṣa was born in Paris to Nigerian parents who were working and studying cinematography in France. Her family returned to live in Nigeria when she was two. Her parents hails from Itoku, Abeokuta South local government area, Ogun State, Nigeria.
When people ask Aṣa what she does, she says she’s a musician, a music writer and a music therapist.
Born in Paris to Nigerian parents, Asa’s music influences grew over the years from the collection of great music her father had built up for his work as a cinematographer.
Her first musical memory is of a song.
“I have a very distinct memory of being two or three years old, and singing a Yoruba lullaby to my dolls,” she remembers.                          “I was very young, but I remember every.


Hailed as the new queen of Nigerian music, Di’Ja’s stage name is her initials, which was also her father’s name, Di’Ja Olo. The singer has been working on her debut album for a few months now and has released the single “Be Good To Me” and “Kiss And Tell”.
Hadiza Bellow now Hadiza Bellow- Olo , better known by her stage name Di’Ja, is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. She is currently signed to Mavin Records. In 2009, she released her first single “Rock Steady” which was nominated for Best Urban/R&B Single at the 2009 Canadian Radio Music Awards. In 2010 she released her first studio album, “Galvanize”. In 2012, she released her second album, “Rock My World”. In 2014, she released her third album, “Level Up”.
She is often used as a reference in music colloquially, not just in Nigeria but across the continent. She has been in the industry for quite some time now and has had some very big hits that have contributed in making her the household name in the industry. She is in the limelight in more ways than one. From being in the news for all the wrong reasons to giving Nigerians their biggest musical moments, she is definitely one of the most talked about celebrities. She has done collaborations with some very big names, including D’banj’s SON, Don Jazzy’s Tin.


Favour Onyinyech Onwughalu popularly known as Ugoccie enjoys making good music and has done exceptionally well with that. She has been working with some of the best music producers such as Tspize, Nelzy, Mister Dee and more. She is a talented singer and songwriter and what she has been doing is really amazing. She has been making great songs and we believe she is definitely going to be a force to reckon with.
Favour Ugochi Anosike popularly known as Ugoccie is a Nigerian musician, rapper, songwriter and performing artist. She came to the limelight in 2018, after one of her raps on Instagram went viral. Ugoccie was born on 6th March 1997 in Aba, Abia State.
She is a graduate of Mass Comm from the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria.
In 2018, she got signed as a recording artist under Little Flower Entertainment, a record label owned by award-winning singer, songwriter and producer, 2G.
To celebrate her, we decided to compile a list of facts about her life. We came up with some facts about Favour Ugochi Anosike. In this blog, we have discussed the facts about the talented musician.
Ugoccie is an artist who has gained popularity for her unique style of music. Her unique style of music is referred to as Hip Hop. Ugoccie has gained popularity for her unique music style which is Hip Hop. Ugoccie has released songs like ‘Seyi Saga’, ‘Laverne ***’, ‘Hands Up’, ‘I’m My Lady’ and ‘Shakira Lyrics’ among others. Read this blog to know more about Ugoccie.


Paragon Qtm is an artist that has grabbed my attention. She has released a song that is currently making waves in Nigeria. This is a song that tells the story of a girl who was in love with her boyfriend but he just never loved her back. The song is called “Black Boy”.
She is a prolific pop and afro-pop singer from Enugu State, Nigeria. Her sound is best described as a combination of Afrobeat, Pop and Hip-hop. Paragon Qtm started her career as a member of a girl band where she got training in music, dance and performance.
She gained a lot of inspiration from the likes of the legendary Whitney Houston, Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Shakira among others.
She has performed with a lot of Nigerian artistes and international acts.
She was a member of the now disbanded group, Cactuschords.

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