Today in History: 4 UNIPORT students burnt to death for allegedly stealing phones & laptops [PHOTOS]

Today in History: 3 UNIPORT students burnt to death for allegedly stealing phones & laptops [PHOTOS]

On this day October 5th one of the most painful jungle justice took place in Nigeria. Back then on October 5th, 2012, the lives of 4 students of the University of Portharcourt were cut short in a brutal way.  Continue Full Reading>>>

The incident was popularly known as the Aluu lynching and it involved four boys identified as Ugonna Obuzor, Toku Lloyd, Chiadika Biringa, and Tekena Elkanah. The 4 boys were tortured and burnt to death by an angry mob in Aluu, a community that can be found in Obio/Akpor local Government area of Rivers State.

Before their painful demise the four boys were friends and room mates on some occasions, they were also the first sons of their parents.  Continue Full Reading>>>

There was a boy identified as Bright who was owing Ugonna some money, Ugonna was able to locate where Bright lived and he asked his cousin Lloyd alongside Favour and another Chiadika for help in getting back his money.

The 4 boys left for Bright’s house not knowing that would be the end of them. When they got to the house of Bright in the midnight, they carried some weapons like axe, cutlass and pen knife just to scare Bright into paying his debt. During the negotiating a fight broke out between the boys in the room.

Immediately one of the neighbors there began to shout and raise an alarm, she claimed that the 4 boys came to rob them of their phones and laptops. Immediately the Vigilante group heard the alarm they thought the 4 boys were criminals. Before the Vigilante group came to the scene, an angry mob had descended on the four boys. The mob beat them up and chased them with sticks and stones before catching them.

Immediately they caught these four boys they beat them up mercilessly, they removed all their clothes and tortured them in the most inhumane way. They beat them beyond recognition while the 4 boys begged for their lives. They dragged the four boys through the mud, they beat them with huge sticks and bricks like murderers. In the presence of the Nigerian Police the angry mob dropped tyres filled with petrol on the boys to burn them.

A sister to one of the boys tried her best to rescue her brother and prove his innocence but unfortunately it was too late. The angry mob set fire on the four boys and burnt them to death in the presence of everybody. The video of the incident went viral and a protest took place in Aluu.

In the year 2017, on July 31st justice took it’s course and a Police Sergeant alongside some others was sentenced to death. The Police Man could be identified as Mr Lucky Orji, others were identified as Ikechukwu Louis Amadi and David Chinasa. They were convicted for being involved in the murder of the 4 boys.

The story of how the four boys died exposed the evil and dark side of jungle justice.

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