Tinubu’ May29: We don’t know why Biden could not even attend the coronation of king Charles – Tarka

Tinubu' May29: We don't know why Biden could not even attend the coronation of king Charles - Tarka

Christopher Tarka, deputy secretary, APC presidential campaign council (PCC), said that we don’t know why Joe Biden, American president could not even travel to UK to attend the coronation of King Charles.  Continue Full Reading>>>

Christopher Tarka made the statement in an interview with Arise News during the Morning Show program when Reuben Abati asked him to react to what some are saying that it is sly that Biden is not coming and there are no high-ranking officials from US to come for Tinubu’s inauguration but instead, the American’s delegates will be led by Secretary of Housing.

Christopher Tarka said that he does not see anything wrong with what the United State has done because we can’t know what is going on in US that even Joe biden cannot even attend King Charles coronation.  Continue Full Reading>>>

“I see nothing wrong because he is not coming in his capacity as secretary of state of housing but he is coming in the capacity of the US president and so he will be seated in the sit of American president.

“There is nothing that should be look at as a sly, it’s not a sly, we don’t know what is happening in America and why Biden could not even travel for the ceremony of coronation of King Charles, and it didn’t mean anything, it doesn’t mean king Charles was looked at as a less of a person. Nigeria should understand that protocols change.


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