Tinubu: ‘If Prof Mahmood Conducted A Good Election, Why Will INEC Budget N4B To Defend It?’ – Bwala

Tinubu: ‘If Prof Mahmood Conducted A Good Election, Why Will INEC Budget N4B To Defend It?’ – Bwala


The INEC National Chairman, Professor Mahmood Yakubu had said a few weeks ago that the commission had budgeted 4 billion naira for the election petitions at the tribunal. The Spokesperson for the Atiku campaign council, Daniel Bwala has argued that if the commission had truly conducted a good election, he sees no reason why they should budget such a huge amount to defend their case in court.Continue Reading>>>


He stated further that the INEC Chairman violated the electoral law that calls for a review of the election after complaints were made by the election observers during the Presidential election. He also pointed out that the INEC Chairman did review the National Assembly and Governorship election but had refused to do the same in the Presidential election.


He said, ”INEC is an institution and it has its own personality. It’s not just about Professor Mahmood Yakubu in court. if Professor Mahmood conducted a good election, why will INEC budget four billion naira to defend it? I assume that if you have conducted a free and fair election, you probably should have a legal department going to court because what other vested interest do you have again?Continue Reading>>>


If you look at the electoral act in Sections 60 and 64, it talks about the power of INEC, the commission Power to review the result. This is a salient provision in that electoral act to which this man turned a blind eye when he was asked. And in other elections followed in the governorship and National assembly where complaints were made about certain polling units, he exercise the same power he refused to exercise in the Presidential. You saw what happened in Adamawa, he reviewed the complaint and ordered a re-election. It is the same law that applies to the Presidential.”

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