Tinubu Can Do What He Did In Lagos In Nigeria – Mukthar Shagari

Tinubu Can Do What He Did In Lagos In Nigeria - Mukthar Shagari

Former Deputy Governor Of Sokoto State, Mukhtar Shagari has expressed confidence that the President-elect, Bola Ahmed Tinubu can replicate his successes in Lagos State, as the President, if he surrounds himself with the right people.  Continue Full Reading>>>

Speaking on Channels Television’s Politics Today, Shagari said that Tinubu should not only pick the right people as a part of his government but the right people with Integrity. When asked if Tinubu can be successful as the President of Nigeria, Shagari answered in the affirmative.

He emphasized that if Bola Tinubu picks the right team consisting of people with Integrity, he can still do what he did in Lagos, Nigeria. Giving a word of advice to the President-elect, Shagari said warned that he should be wary of sycophants, take security seriously and also look into the economy.  Continue Full Reading>>>

In his words – “… But if you have the right people it is the right team and strikers that will help you score the goals. So, if Bola Ahmed Tinubu does what he did in Lagos at the national level, that is expanding what he did to achieve success in Lagos, then bring in the right calibre of people”

“Bring in people who know what they are doing, people who have integrity because the brightest person can fail if he doesn’t have the integrity. So, if he has the right team and the right people, I believe that he can still do what he did in Lagos in Nigeria”.

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