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“This jungle justice trend needs to stop. It’s barbaric, inhumane & uncivilized” — Actor, Alex Ekubo

Popular Nollywood actor, Alex Ekubo has called for an end to the recent trend of executing jungle justice on suspected criminals.

Alex took to his Instagram page to make this appeal on Wednesday, May 13, while reacting to the murder of Deborah Samuel and Dave Sound.

Deborah, a 200l student of a College of Education in Sokoto state, was lynched to death and burnt by her fellow students over alleged blasphemy.

Dave, a Sound Engineer and father of two, on the other hand, was beaten and set ablaze by some commercial motorcyclists in Lagos over N100.

Reacting to the morbid incidents, Alex wrote,

“I woke up this morning with so much pain in my heart, Nigeria how did we get here, there is so much anger & frustration in the land.
Almost everyone is 2 secs away from turning into a werewolf.

Actor, Alex Ekubo

Pls I am begging, this #JungleJustice trend needs to stop.
Today is Deborah & David, tomorrow it can be me, you or someone close to home, take a minute & think about it.

Like how are you going about your business, & suddenly you stop to mob, lynch & set another human being ablaze, in the public glare of everyone, you need to be evaluated in a mental institution, arrested & locked away PERMANENTLY, you are a menace to society & not fit to coexist.
Who died & made you judge, jury & executor.

Section 33(1) of the Nigerian constitution provides that “every person has right to life & no one should be deprived intentionally of his life”

Also, Section 319 of the criminal code clearly stipulates that when a group of persons take laws into their hands by assaulting or summarily executing a suspected criminal, they are guilty of the offense of assault punishable by 1 year imprisonment, or murder which is punishable by death.

More often than not, innocent people are the victims of jungle justice.

We are still trying to find #JusticeForDeborah now we also seeking #JusticeForDavid, we can’t keep loosing Nigeria youth to senseless killings.

Lawmakers needs to put in place & enforce stringent laws to abolish jungle justice, it’s barbaric, inhumane & uncivilized.

May God comfort the families/friends of the deceased in ways that only him can. 💔 😔


Actor, Alex Ekubo

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