There’ll Be Problem In Court, If Judges Fail To Do What’s Needed – Ayodele Says In New Revelation

There'll Be Problem In Court, If Judges Fail To Do What's Needed - Ayodele Says In New Revelation

The leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele have revealed that there will be turmoil and problem at the election tribunal if the court fails to do what is needful from them while judging.  Continue Full Reading>>>

Primate Elijah Ayodele made this revelation known to the public via a video which was uploaded to his official TikTok account, where he shared details on the action that will take place at the court, adding that the court will go into commotion because the judges are not ready to do what is necessary.

According to Primate Ayodele, he said, “If the court fails to take all the necessary action, there will be chaos and issues at the court.  Continue Full Reading>>>

To this, I counsel them to take all the action seriously and to make decisions that are necessary. This is the message that was given to me by God”.

He also added by saying, “Not all the Governors who will be sworn in, will finish their term in office, not all speakers who will serve for the incoming administration will finish their terms”.

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