The use of podcast in recording and editing music : descript

The use of podcast in recording and editing music

Descript is a concuring of audio and video editor that includes such as transcription, screen recording, publishing, full multi track editing, and even gives some artificial intelligence tools,
Podcast offers a free plan for screen recording, but some limited edition and transcription is limited to a single usage, The industries’ Creator plan at $12 a month to unlocks the unlimited features screen recording, ten hours of transcription every month as well as watermark-free video export,
For those likely to take more than a basic editor tool, Descipt’s Pro plan comes in at $24 a month, offering everything the owners plan provides but extends the transcription limited to 30 hours in a month, This plan also unlocks the overdub feature,
There is a plan, called Enterprise, that offers everything the other plans have, with the addition of onboarding and training, invoicing, Single Sign On (SSO) and a security review feature. Descript also offers reduced rates for Enterprise customers, students, educators, and non-profit organizations,

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screen recording features
One feature that sets Descript apart from many other podcast apps is its interactive tutorial project that includes a series of quick lessons to help users get the most out of the collaborative editor. This includes tutorials on editing audio and video, screen recordings, or transcribing meeting notes,
To get started on Descript, the platform requires users to download the software and create an account. The signup process is followed by a short survey designed to gauge how the platform will be used,
With regards to the screen recording tool, Ctrl + Shift + 2 allows users to start and stop recording. Not only does it capture video from the desktop, but off webcams too,
The screen recorder appears as a separate window from the main Descript editing app.dit and transcribe
With the editing tool, the user can remove unwanted sounds – such as “ums” and “ahs” – from screen recordings with a single click. In regards to errors in the transcription produced by Descript, once the desired audio has been imported, there is a glossary that frequently used words can be added to so that the software recognizes it in the future,
However, this is not as useful for audio files that have already been transcribed before putting certain words or names in the glossary; the user will still have to manually change each mistake,
With that being said, this tool does cut down the time it would usually take to manually transcribe audio by a significant amount – and even more so once the use becomes accustomed to all the keyboard shortcuts,
In terms of measuring the transcription accuracy, with Descript’s use of Google Cloud’s Speech-to-Text technology, we would compare it to that of Amazon Polly or Balabolka’s free software,
Once you create a new project, Descript’s video/audio drag and drop feature is not your only option. There is also the option of recording audio on Descript, which the software can simultaneously transcribe. It will give you the option to add inline notes, comments and speaker labels when a new voice is introduced in the recording.Competitors
Descript boasts that it offers an entirely new way of working with audio, unlike similar platforms such as Audacity, GarageBand or Adobe Audition. By our own admission, we would have to agree,

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Among those listed above, Descipt presents a near enough full package, across all plans, Even the Descript free plan lets you build and edit the basics, which for some  is more than enough,

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