‘The Obidients Who Attacked Us In Court Will Be Arrested By The Police In A Few Days Time’ – Arabambi

'The Obidients Who Attacked Us In Court Will Be Arrested By The Police In A Few Days Time' -Arabambi

The Factional Chairman of the Labour Party, Mr Lamidi Apapa was booed out of court on Wednesday when he and the other faction of the Labour Party appeared at the court.  Continue Reading>>>

Mr. Apapa who claimed an attempt was made on his life by the supporters of Mr. Peter Obi at the court premises, he also thanked God that the Police and Journalists came to his rescue.

The Factional Spokesman of the Labour Party, Abayomi Arabambi has stated categorically that they do not respect their party Presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi after that incident.  Continue Reading>>>

He alleged that the Obidients who staged the mob against them outside the court will soon be arrested by the police. He also argued that they cannot keep respecting Peter Obi after they were nearly killed by his own supporters. According to him, they know the people who staged these attacks on them and they have filed a complaint to the police who are carrying out their investigation.

He said, ”We don’t want to engage in hooliganism like Obi and Abure did in Court on Wednesday. Where they brought in some people who call themselves Obidients to disrupt the party. We don’t respect Peter Obi anymore because we were almost killed at the Tribunal.

Attempts were made on our life and we have reported to the police. They tore our clothes and embarrassed us, we are not going to have respect for people who do that to us. It’s not constitutional for anyone to manhandle any Nigerian.

We all know these boys who attacked us in court, we have reported them to the police and the obidient people who attacked us will be arrested by the police in a few days time.”

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