The Lord Has Finally Shown Me The Candidate That Will Change This Country – Fr. Mbaka Reveals

The Lord Has Finally Shown Me The Candidate That Will Change This Country- Fr. Mbaka Reveals

Venerable Ezike Mbaka recently led a great praise session at the church where he is currently pastor. Mbaka is also the spiritual director of Enugu Nigeria (AMEN), the Nigerian Ministry of Worship.  Continue Full Reading>>>

During his role as leader of his ministry, he provided the congregation with updates on miracle candidates. During this time, he served as the head of the Ministry of Justice.

This information comes in the form of a video and can be viewed on his church affiliate channel, YouTube.

According to a revelation God gave to Father Ezike Mbaka, he witnessed a miraculous rain fall upon the Lord’s chosen people, also known as Miracle Candidates.  Continue Full Reading>>>

In this revelation, he is said to have seen a miraculous rain fall upon them. God revealed himself to Father Mbaka to give this information.

This event is not surprising, as it originally occurred due to the fact that God gave him knowledge. His testimony suggests that these very heavy rains continued through May 2023. It was 2023.

He concluded that the fact that this was the case would make you an excellent candidate for working miracles. Father Ezike Mbaka proclaimed the following prophecy before the audience:

“You will be a candidate for a miracle, as the Lord has revealed.” We will continue to pour out God’s blessings on you and your families until the end of May 2023.

The Lord has anointed you, and by May 2023, people will start calling you “signs and wonders.” “This will last until the end of the world. This is what happened because the Lord anointed you. He chose you. You have reason to rejoice.

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