The hope of Nigerian youth – Education

 The hope of Nigerian youth.

The hope of Nigerian youths.
It’s important to state at the outset that any discussion centered on the youths everywhere the  globe convey a selected picture. Because of the youth occupying the human growth which they’re ambitious in achieving their dreams to excel in their adult roles. The research on Nigeria youth has confirmed that the youth are living in a confused situation and that is where the youth find themselves. So the Nigerian youth in the contemporary society today are all looking for opportunities that will help in balancing what they are facing today.
The strength of the youth.
In very species of living organisms, the younger ones are always the asset and freedom to the older ones. In Nigeria when the population is over 200 million people, the younger ones that is the youth are the Reasons why some factors can’t be washed away. They been the social actor and achiever of their dreams the achieve their aim without minding the structural constraint. How an elder will see a problem won’t be the same way the youth see or find a problem because of their advancement and the problem might be a brief problem.
The youth and the situation: the social advantage of the youths are the mobile versatility, tolerance. This is helping the youth to cope with the development burden.
The youth is the key to development of the country : the institution for development depending on the people and merely the quantum of investment. The program designed to prepare the youth for the future, their service and hospitality which is NYSC that is national youth services corp which main objective is to add citizenship, prostritism to the developing country. NYSC has been made compulsory to every growing youth all over the country and it has been optimized to cope with the youth that is the NYSC program is after the tertiary institution . and it is helping in the development of the country. It have promoted the multi- ethnicity culture with the youths, so after your graduation the next thing is going for your NYSC program.
The politics in the Nigerian youth: as a layman you can say that politics means involve in using power in the society, and also able to influence the people with such power. In other world, the youths are truthful to the politics of the state and very credible in the development so it is very pure to say that the youths can handle and make development happen in any country or place because they have seen the advancement in the recent society every thing is modern and it requires enough knowledge to know what the society wants and also what they can offer in return even though the return is not that required. If the youth continues to stay away for politics then the old leaders won’t take us to anywhere go. So the urge of getting allocation and appointment should be encouraged.
What is youths are facing: before now we talked about the strength of the youth and now what we are looking into is what is facing the youth today.
The culture: the culture today both the old and new culture today has different ways of affecting the youth today. The culture today has made the elders to do things that has deprived the society some of their dreams and advancement. As it understands now, the youth are struggling to produce and reproduce the culture. The way out of this quagmire is for the youth to stay safe and control their actions without forgetting the purpose for their dreams concerning the development which will preserve the culture and also achieve the other goal with the culture.
The economy and the youth: Nigeria is really trying so hard to sustain the economy of the country which has a major problem such as raising in the growth rate and etc. Due to the rate of things, they youth reject a lot of opportunities such as education, empowerment and so on. There is a gap between the youth and the service provided by the leaders and also between the education and the work required. The absence of the particular program has it own problems on the youth and their responsibility in the future.
Nigerian youth : the youth has some unfortunate actions on the society such as from where they get their role models, where they obtain their role models actions or their characters. The youth are exposed to some society infrastructure. Currently the youth that is graduates from different institution are leaving what they studies in the institution to enter the labor market. The youth are growing in it and they realizing that they can’t make a sustainable life and development from the current economy.
Conclusion: in a short argument it is said that the youth are occupying the social, political and the development in the society. With the population of the society now, there should be much attention paid to the society on how to manage and develop the economy, they should bother about the social unrest, political tension and so on. The society should nurture the growing youth because they are the leaders of tomorrow because when proper information and treatment is given to them, then when they get the power they will be able to manage it and remove the unfortunate actions in the society. The main problem facing the youth is that they raised with poor environment. Government should enlighten, run campaign to educate the youth about what they are going into when they leave power so they won’t ruin the power given to them. The government are not guiding the youths by not being there role models and this is making the youths make decisions that won’t help in changing the society because they looking up to the elders that are not guiding them. The government can help the youths by organizing the sports activities or recreation activities to them that they care for them and set up seminar that will help in motivating them. In this 21st century which is a digital age, the youths shouldn’t be left behind.

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