Taiwanese Millionaire Heir Found Dead 2 Hours After Marrying Man He Had Only Met Twice

Taiwanese Millionaire Heir Found Dead 2 Hours After Marrying Man He Had Only Met Twice

According to Taiwanese media reports, an 18-year-old Taiwanese youth, who was set to inherit an estate worth NTD500 million (S$21.9 million), was discovered dead at the base of a building just two hours after he had officially registered his marriage to a 26-year-old assistant to a real estate agent.  Continue Full Reading>>>

The mother of the deceased individual has alleged foul play and is urging Taiwanese authorities to investigate her son’s death as a potential murder case.

On May 4, a student named Lai (transliteration) passed away.

The body of an individual was discovered at the base of the building where Hsia (transliteration), the agent, resided.

According to the mother, her son was allegedly murdered for his money.  Continue Full Reading>>>

During a press conference with Taiwanese media, Lai’s mother revealed that his father had passed away approximately two months prior to his own death.

According to her statement, the father had been transferring his 30 real estate properties in Taichung to Lai over the past few years due to his deteriorating health.

According to reports, all properties were transferred slightly more than a month before the passing of Lai.

On April 27, Lai’s father passed away.

According to Lai’s mother, her son was allegedly killed for his money and the incident was made to appear as a suicide.

According to sources, Hsia and his father were real estate agents who assisted in managing the estates of Lai’s father.

According to the speaker, Hsia and her son had only met twice prior to May 4. The speaker also stated that she believed her son was heterosexual, citing his expressed interest in a female classmate at his high school.

According to Taiwan’s Civil Code, partners who are in same-sex marriages possess identical legal rights as those in other marriages, which encompasses inheritance rights.

Can you provide details about the events that occurred on the day of the incident?
According to Lai’s mother, Hsia reportedly visited Lai’s residence at approximately 7am on May 4th and purportedly informed the victim that he would instruct him on the intricacies of real estate affairs.

According to reports, he allegedly requested that Lai bring identification documents with her.

According to reports, Hsia escorted Lai to his residence and subsequently transported the individual to the marriage registration facility.

Further investigations have uncovered that in order to register for marriage, two external parties must provide their consent. Hsia reportedly took Lai to search for these two individuals.

According to Hsia’s report, two individuals, both young men in their 20s, were located by him. One was found at a nearby supermarket, while the other was discovered just outside the center.

According to reports, Hsia acquired their signatures by inquiring about their stance on same-sex marriage and presenting them with the form to sign.

At approximately 9am, Hsia and Lai made their way back to Hsia’s place of residence.

At 11am, Lai’s lifeless body was discovered outside the apartment building.

According to Taiwanese media, Lai was reported to have fallen from the 10th floor resulting in his death.

According to a forensic doctor hired by the victim’s family, it is unlikely that the victim fell to his death.
After the incident, the Taichung District Prosecutor’s Office conducted an autopsy on Lai’s body, which was later returned to the family.

Following the initial autopsy, the family of the deceased individual sought the services of another forensic doctor, Kao Ta-Cheng, to conduct a secondary examination of the body and the site where it was discovered.

According to Kao, it is improbable that Lai’s death was caused by falling from the 10th floor.

According to the source, it was observed that Lai’s injuries were relatively minor, consisting only of a fractured right elbow, and no internal bleeding in his head or abdominal cavities.

According to Kao, it is probable that Lai was poisoned and had vomited before his demise. This is supported by the presence of a patch of dead grass in the area where his body was discovered.

A suspect has been released on bail for a sum of S$13,100.

According to reports, Hsia has been released on bail for NTD300,000 (S$13,100) in the meantime.

According to reports, Hsia and his father underwent a five-hour-long interrogation on May 22 at the hands of Taichung’s authorities. The individuals in question departed without answering inquiries from the media.

When asked by Taiwanese media about the incident, Hsia’s father stated that he had no knowledge of the matter.

The family of the victim has urged the prosecution to request the detention of Hsia to avoid the possibility of him absconding.

In Taichung, a City Councilor named Huang Jian-hao has made a demand of Hsia regarding the murder of Lan. Huang, who holds a position similar to that of a Member of Parliament at the city level in Taiwan, has called on Hsia to demonstrate his lack of motive by voluntarily relinquishing his inheritance rights to Lai’s property.

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