Subsidy removal, regulating exchange rates’ll bring initial hardship – Tinubu

Subsidy removal, regulating exchange rates’ll bring initial hardship – Tinubu

The President-elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has said the plans to remove petroleum subsidy and end the multiple foreign currency exchange rates were issues that would pose an initial challenge to the in-coming administration.  Continue Full Reading>>>

Tinubu said this Friday in Abuja while speaking at a public lecture and Jumat Prayer at the National Mosque, Abuja as part of the Presidential Inauguration programme of events.

The president-elect, who was represented by the vice-president-elect, Senator Kashim Shettima, however, appealed to Nigerians to stand with the government as it would be working to deconstruct the maze of challenges facing the nation, even as he warned that the take-off point might be rough.  Continue Full Reading>>>

Tinubu, who said the myriad of issues weighing on the country had prevented it from taking its pride of place as a global power, stressed that the time had come for all Nigerians to face the challenges, but gave the assurance that he would treat all Nigerians equally, irrespective of political, religious, and ethnic differences.

“Tinubu is a fair-minded person. He will do justice to Nigerians, irrespective of affiliation with political parties, religious and tribal background. We are united by our common heritage of poverty and insecurity among others. This is time for all of us to coalesce into a single force.

“Ours is a great nation, waiting to unleash its great potentials to the world. China was once called a sleeping giant, but today, China has woken up. Nigeria needs to wake up. We are calling on all of you to pray for us for God’s guidance. I want to assure you that Tinubu will hit the ground.

“We do not have the luxury of time. The challenges facing us are getting worse. We are living in a pressing time. Be rest assured that in the fullness of time, Nigeria will pay glowing tributes to us. The starting point might not be rosy, let me be very honest with you.

“Oil Subsidy is an albatross on our neck; the multiple exchange rate system is a drain on the national economy. There are certain decisions the President-elect will take, but in the fullness of time, Nigerians will not only appreciate, but also celebrate us,” he said.

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