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REAL TALK!! Garri Is Still Doing The Lord’s Work For Me, How Has It Saved You Too?

Hello Guys,

If Garri once saved your life, gather here let’s share our experiences. Let’s keep shame away from here. No forming today!

I don’t know about abroad but here in Nigeria, Garri is one of the most consumed commodities in both households and on the streets. Garri has save many lives! And it’s still saving till now.

However, some people believed if you drink Garri then you’re poor or suffering. Well, you need to wake up. Garri+Milk+Smoked Fish+Sugar+Cold Water Is a BIG FLEX.

Dem supposed put am for first aid box for all this Lagos hospitals. The sight of Garri is the sight of hope. G4 like we use to call it, is a life saver. As a student back then, i always made sure there’s garri in the house.

So Guys,

How Has Garri Saved Your Life??

Let’s hear your experience guys

Drop your comment

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