Read What Will Happen If A President-elect Dies Before He’s Sworn In

Read What Will Happen If A President-elect Dies Before He's Sworn In

The constitution of Nigeria, which serves as the country’s ultimate legislation and establishes guidelines for how the government and its representatives must behave, is the law of the nation. The process for a president-inauguration elect’s is one of the most important and critical elements of the Nigerian constitution.

If a president-elect passes away before taking office, what will happen? The vice president shall hold the office of president, according to Section 146(1) of the Nigerian Constitution.

When a president-elect dies, resigns, is impeached, demonstrates persistent incompetence, or is otherwise removed from office, the position might become empty. Sections 143 or 144 of this Constitution also provide various explanations for why it may occur.

According to the aforementioned clause, the vice president-elect would take over as president if the president-elect passed away before taking office. In other words, the vice president-elect will take office as Nigeria’s president.

It is important to remember that this is contingent on meeting a number of requirements outlined in the constitution.

According to the constitution, the vice president-elect must be qualified to hold the position of president. The qualifications for running for president are laid forth in the constitution.

Before becoming president-elect, the vice president-elect must also take an oath of office. The president-elect is required by law to take the oath of office before he may take office.

The vice president-elect must take office as president-elect within a certain time frame, according to the constitution. The National Assembly’s four houses must agree in order to select the president-elect.

Then, within a set time frame, he will name a new vice president. To guarantee that the government’s business continue, the new president-elect must now move quickly to nominate and appoint a new vice president-elect…… Continue Reading

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