Read 4 Bra Mistakes Ladies Should Avoid

Read 4 Bra Mistakes Ladies Should Avoid

One of the most important things bras should be able to provide when worn is comfort, if you don’t feel comfortable when you rock your bras, then you need to replace them. Also, you can simply avoid certain bra mistakes so that you can feel comfortable, below are some of these mistakes.  Continue Reading>>>

  1. Avoid wearing your bra for weeks before washing them.

It doesn’t matter whether anyone sees your underwear or not, ensure that you wash them after you wear them. A clean bra will leave you feeling fresh and confident but if you wear a dirty bra for many days, sweat accumulation could result and your bra might have an unpleasant odour. Ensure you wash your bras after you wear them. Also, get more than one bra so you can wear them interchangeably.

  1. Avoid wearing bras with straps that don’t stay in place.  Continue Reading>>>

If you notice that you always have to adjust your bra straps beneath your outfit then you can simply tighten them, if it doesn’t still work, then get yourself another bra. Adjusting your bra strap every minute can be stressful, it can also make you appear self conscious and shabby.

  1. Avoid wearing bras that have lost shape.

Bras are meant to provide shape to the boobs, if you notice that your bra no longer does this, then you should replace that bra. Bras could loose shape over time, especially if you scrub and squeeze them too hard when you wash them.

  1. Avoid wearing bras that are too small for you.

Wearing an undersized bra is no fun, it can cause discomfort, breathing difficulties, and you might end up adjusting your bra all day long. Ensure that you wear the right bra size so that you can feel comfortable.

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