President Buhari Speaks On Not Handing Over To Tinubu

President Buhari Speaks On Not Handing Over To Tinubu


The president’s office has dismissed reports that President Muhammadu Buhari said he was not ready to hand over the office to president-elect Bola Tinub on May 29, when his term expires.Continue Full Reading>>>

The statement read: The President wants to denounce this as a gross lie and accuses the Fake News Brigades of attributing and disseminating false citations to President Muhammadu Buhari.


“How can you say that you can’t campaign vigorously for someone, vote for them, and then not hand them over? I can’t believe it.”Continue Full Reading>>>


Shef called the premise put forward by the online media “pretty pathetic”, adding that his fortune is “politically partisan in today’s politics and really a loser of the presidential election.” He added, “The government is already in the transition phase. The transition committee, made up of representatives from the outgoing government and the new government, meets almost daily to plan the handover to the Tinub/Shetima government.

“There are 13 subcommittees of the main committee, some of which coordinate military exercises and the resignation of President Buhari, all of which are or will soon be operational. Everything is going very well, and there are no signs of problems.”Continue Full Reading>>>


The chef hopes Buhari will return to his hometown to enjoy his retirement life, and the Daura community is preparing to bring his son back after “successfully governing the country for two eight-year terms”. said to have started. “And everyone is shocked by the outcome; we are all waiting for what comes next, and the public is shocked and concerned by what is happening in Nigeria right now. They all rushed to give their opinion on the news in the comments section.


Source: Daily Post


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