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Portable Omolalomi Biography: Age, Net Worth 2022

Portable Omolalomi Biography: Age, Net Worth in 2022

Portable Omolalomi Biography: Age, Net Worth

Portable Omolalomi Biography 2022 ,Age 

So who Is these portable guy lol.. This blog post will go long way to aim your understanding about Portable Omolalomi and his net worth tho.. Not sure if it have been listed on Forbes.

Portable Omolalomi

Portable, also known as Omolalomi, aka son of shaku shaku, aka street problem, aka wahala musican, is a new hot Nigerian singer with a number of successful singles.


Habbeb Okikiola, the father of a 27-year-old boy, comes from Kwara State and goes by the true name Habbeb Okikiola.


The Zazooo is the most popular street slang right now, especially in December 2021 and, of course, the New Year. Portable, on the other hand, had been in the music industry for ten years before finally breaking through and receiving proper acclaim from prominent musicians such as Olamide.

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Portable was introduced to Olamide by Poco Lee, who showed him a video of him. Olamide was immediately interested and called up the next day to record a song.

Personal Life

Portable Omolalomi is 27 years old as of today. He resided in the Mainland part of Lagos before but recently moved to the island – Lekki. He lives in a spacious apartment in a high-rise neighborhood in Lekki.

Portable Omolalomi Biography: Age, Net Worth

 Portable Omolalomi Net Worth 2022

Portable Omolalomi‘s success as a musician means that he constantly receives invitations to perform at music shows and concerts in the country. He also receives royalties when his fans stream or download his works online.


His net worth is estimated to be valued around US$2,000-US$30,000 maybe 1,000,000 to 16,000,000 in naira



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