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Policeman who claims to be a man of God captured demanding bribe from a motorist while speaking in tongues (video)

A bribe-seeking police officer employed a humorous and quite unusual tactic to extort a motorist, as seen in a viral video.

In the viral video, the police officer who had stopped a motorist on the grounds that his vehicle papers were incomplete, emphasized that he is a man of God and that God ordered him to halt the driver.

The officer spoke in tongues to prove to the motorist that he was indeed spirit-filled and asked the man to “package something” for him.

When the motorist refused to buckle and insisted that his papers were complete, the officer said the man had disobeyed “the speaking of the lord” and asked that they go to the police station for more senior officers to intervene.

According to the man who shared the video on social media, the officer in the viral video is attached to the Oshodi police station.

Watch video below,


In other news, a court has approved a 52-year-old Kenyan man’s dowry repayment request following the dissolution of his marriage.

The man and his estranged wife, Irine Khasoa, got married in 2017 and their marriage was annulled in 2021 in a Kitale court.

The man identified as Wilberforce Murunga then dragged his former in-laws to Kitale chief magistrate in December 2021, demanding a dowry refund including cash, three cows, one she-goat, a pair of gumboots, and a hat after his two-year marriage to their daughter fell apart.

Wilberforce claimed that after one year and six months of marriage, his wife abandoned their marital home, and that since he had paid the dowry according to Bukusu customs, he was entitled to a refund.

“I paid Sh50,000, three Ayrshire heifers, one cross Ayrshire bullock, one she-goat, a pair of gumboots and a hat as bride price. I have a copy of the dowry negotiation agreement which was counter-signed by representatives of both families,” he said.

In the case before Kitale Chief Magistrate Julius Ngar, he argued that his mother-in-law and her daughter had conspired to defraud him of his hard-earned money.

The Kitale mediation court, in its judgment on Saturday, May 14, 2022, ordered Wilberforce to be refunded three cows, a she-goat and KSh 20, 000.

Wilberforce and his brother Fred Matumbayi then proceeded to Kiungani at the Chief’s office in Baraton to pick the animals and cash from his in-laws.

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