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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

“Please keep your support to yourselves” – Don Jazzu warns Fans who thrive on hating other colleagues

Popular Nigerian Music Producer and MAVIN owner, Don Jazzy, has taken to micro-blogging platform to stop hating on other artistes in a bid to show love to their ‘faves’.

The MAVIN Boss is not so pleased with fans who deem it feet to talk down on other colleagues in the industry and he would not be pushed towards grooming Artistes with toxic fans.. for this reason, he’s asked such fans to keep their support to themselves.

Don Jazzy’s Tweets read;

Your banter is not good for anybody. We make music for y’all to listen and enjoy. That’s only what makes us happy. Nothing else. Thanks

If ur only way to support Mavin is by hating on or downplaying a colleagues hustle & success, then pls keep ur support to yourself. I know some of u derive pleasure from that shit, but that’s not the Mavin way. We go manage our little fan base that’s genuinely happy for others.

I don talk the one I fit talk finish. Feel free to block me if you want to carry on living in your hate.

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