Oyedepo Said He Will Tear His Bible If Any Of The Signs That Followed The Israelites Were Found To Be Fake

Oyedepo Said He Will Tear His Bible If Any Of The Signs That Followed The Israelites Were Found To Be Fake


Bishop David Oyedepo, the General Overseer of the Living Faith Church Worldwide spoke to his members on Operating In The Supernatural 6 at LFC Midweek Communion Service  Canaanland.Continue Full Reading>>>


According to him, “A sign can be defined as an act that cannot be explained by natural laws, yet, cannot be denied. Someone asked me years ago, “How much will this place cost – between the Youth Chapel and the Secretariat?” I said, “I’ve never found out.” The supernatural is unexplainable that’s why they call it supernatural – it is above natural laws and circumstances.


He then said, “How do you explain the parting of the Red Sea? By what science or technology? Is there any software to decipher that? How did these about 3 million people feed? Because their journey was on and on. They could be one week in a place, the cloud will move – Numbers 9:15-23. They could be 2 years in a place before the cloud will move. So there is no time to farm. In fact, you’re surrounded by enemies; you’re always defending yourself against the assault.Continue Full Reading>>>


“So how were they eating? They say, manna from Heaven. “Manna? No, there’s no such manna” – (they say). So why didn’t they die there? They went through the 40 years in the wilderness. Exodus 16:35. How do you want to explain that? Is that food science? Exodus 16:8. Now, a rock followed them – because they were in the desert. How did they not choke? A rock followed them, issuing them water. So as they moved, the rock moved. Geography can’t explain that.”


He then said that if any of the signs that followed the Israelites through the wilderness were found to be fake, he will tear his Bible. He said, If any of those things were found to be fake, I will tear my Bible; they are real. Acts 4:16-17. Peter’s shadow was healing the sick! Signs are therefore, the strange acts of God in the life of a believer that cause men to wonder. People that mock the supernatural just die with obstacles.

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