“Our Pastor Said We Should Not Press Phone In Church Because Muslims Don’t Do So In Mosque” – Member

"Our Pastor Said We Should Not Press Phone In Church Because Muslims Don't Do So In Mosque" -Member

In the mid hours of today, some members of a church crusade in Oyo state were granted an interview after reports had it that their Pastor, Evangelist Owen Abraham, fled with their phones and money.  Continue Full Reading>>>

The woman said, “when Evangelist Owen Abraham came, he said he was there to assist the needy. We trusted him because he sounded truthful.

Later, he said some of us, who were students, should stop pressing phones in the church while worshipping because Muslims don’t do so in the mosque. He said God dislikes it when phones are pressed during worship.”

Speaking further, “the first two times he collected the phones, he returned them but the third time, he went away all the phones. They were sixty three in number.”  Continue Full Reading>>

Lastly, the woman said, “those who attended Evangelist Owen Abraham’s crusade were not only christians because he was philanthropic.

He kept gifting things until he disappeared with our money and phones. None of us suspected him because he kept telling us about being careful and living a life God will be pleased with.”


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