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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Nkechi Sunday Blessing beats up an “Agbero” who came to disrupt her movie set. (Video)

Nollywood Actress, Nkechi Blessing Sunday is currently trending on social media after she got into a heated fight with an entitlement urchin who disrupted her movie set.

NBS was probably fed-up with the incessant taxing and she decided to face the unlucky fellow head-on today.

According to reports, she reportedly beat him up by pelting him with a stone and also hit him with her car.

Sharing the video on her page, NBS wrote;

They do nothing but disrupt movie set all the time…Jobless street lay about 😡😡😡😡

You came on my set,Turned off my Generator and disrupted my shoot,without asking for anything,and you expect me to still give you money after that? The jobless Twat said his useless wife came to wake him up from sleep that Nkechi blessing is filming in Abeokuta,so he came on purpose..Your body go tell you sha e sure!!! My car I can fix easily but your body go tell you…If you had asked for anything before turning off my gen is a diff thing entirely,I resemble Butty for you eye? Abi dem no tell you say I be Garage girl few weeks ago? @femiakinyemi_official Mabinu jare my able Pm❤️❤️❤️

See video below ;

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