‘Nigerians Are Poor, We’ve Become Beggars Among Nations’ – Joel Akinola Says, Advises Incoming Govt

'Nigerians Are Poor, We've Become Beggars Among Nations' - Joel Akinola Says, Advises Incoming Govt

The Chairman of the Nigeria Union of Pensioners, Ekiti state chapter, Joel Akinola, has admonished the incoming federal government to make the economic welfare of Nigerians one of its top priorities, adding that many Nigerians are currently poor and struggling to survive as a result of the current harsh economic conditions within the nation (Punch).  Continue Full Reading>>>

Akinola, who spoke recently in an interview, while giving his views on what should be the priorities of the incoming government, declared; “The incoming government should look at the people’s (Nigerians) general welfare.

Nigerians are poor; we have more or less become beggars among nations, that is why you see most Nigerians are struggling to survive, even in countries they ordinarily should not have gone to. They just want to escape.”  Continue Full Reading>>>

The Chairman of the Ekiti Pensioners, who pointed out that many Nigerians currently wanted to escape from the country, due to the high cost of living, poor and scarce healthcare facilities, went further admonish the incoming government to improve the nation’s economy, create social services and empowerment programmes, that would help in improving the economic status of the country’s citizenry.

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