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Nigerians are abandoning regular football betting sites to play Homewin by Sujimoto

Available data suggest that Nigerians spend almost N2 billion on sports betting daily, translating to about N730 billion annually.

Homewin by Sujimoto

Sports betting is highly active in Nigeria, with roughly 60 million Nigerians between the ages of 18 and 40 involved in active sports betting according to the Nigeria Sports Betting Sector Report of 2019/2020.

However, Homewin by Sujimoto, which is now being celebrated as one of the biggest promo ever in Africa, seems to have gone beyond betting, to becoming a social enterprise, a generosity movement aimed at making a lasting impact in the lives of Nigerians.

Homewin Sujimoto

Homewin Sujimoto

Homewin Sujimoto

In less than three weeks since its official launch, Homewin organizers say over three thousand players have won various cash prizes from its platform, ranging from one hundred thousand naira to fifty thousand naira and other various cash prizes.

Reports suggest that on average, sports betting consumers spend around N3,000 every day on bets. The big question is – why are these betting regulars choosing Homewin as their most preferred gaming platform in Nigeria?

Homewin Sujimoto

From what we know currently, there are 65 daily winners on the Homewin promo, with players winning fifty thousand naira daily and other cash prizes. The organizers say that the goal is to have over 11,000 winners within 100 days. In addition, and most significantly, they say that Homewin is a generosity movement by Sujimoto Group aimed at restoring hope in the heart of every Nigerian where with just N500, Nigerians stand a chance to own their own homes worth over 50 million naira, 100 million naira daily cash prizes in 100 days, a Salary 4 Life, where some players will receive 100 thousand naira cash prize every month for the next ten years, brand new cars, smartphones, microwaves, gas cookers, generator sets, television sets and other amazing prizes with just N500.

According to its company CEO and Group Managing Director, Mr. Sijibomi Ogundele, Homewin is a platform designed to empower everyone and a means to helping them escape the trenches to a place of wealth, with as little as N500. He also suggests that the promo is beyond betting, but a social enterprise helping people bet their way out of poverty; adding that the promo is slated to run for 100 days and every ticket a participant buys, the participant gets the opportunity to kill three birds with one stone because one Homewin ticket qualifies the participant for the Homewin daily draw, monthly draw or the final draw.

So, to be among the Homewin beneficiaries of a house worth over 50 million naira, or a hundred million naira daily cash prizes in 100 days and over 11,000 winners, get your Homewin ticket on www.playhomewin.com or from any registered Homewin agents and canvassers nationwide and also follow @homewinng on Instagram. You can also sign up as a Homewin Agent/Canvasser and enjoy massive commissions of up to one million naira monthly. To sign up, use the link below.

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