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Monday, September 26, 2022

Nigerian Youths!! What Do You Do To Make Money & How Much Do You Earn??

Hello Guys & Compliments Of The Season,

The unemployement rate in Nigeria is not funny… These are trying times and people are jumping on whatever just to survive and pay bills

For those that are unable to secure the rapidly scarce White Collar jobs, they have resulted to Menial jobs just to water the seed.

The pressure is just too much on an average Nigerian youth… Graduates after fighting 4 years in University &  NYSC are not even guaranteed a job. 😦😦

According to stats,

33.3% or 23.2 million of the about 70 million people who should be working in Nigeria are out of work

This is amid rising cost of living –  Poor man can’t even afford 3 square meal!

How are we suriving in this country for god sake?? What do you do to make money??


What Is Your Job & How Much Do You Earn?

Lets hear from you all

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