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Nigerian Social Media Influencer, Ndochuwku Arum (Chemical Brodar) talks about life, sports and making money from social media.

If you’ve been around long enough on Twitter NG, there’s a popular user that has endeared fans with witty tweets, hot takes and most times, premium banter… his name is CHEMICAL BRODAR.

That isn’t his real name of course, but we shall get there soon.

In this interview with YBL, the Social media influecer talks about his brand identity, favorite sport, and how he became a ‘superstar’ on the micro-blogging platform.

Read excerpts below;

So let us meet, Chemical Brother (Tell us your real name)

A: Ndochukwu Arum

How did you come about the name “Chemical Brother”

A: because I mix chemicals haha just kidding. It’s from an old electronic brand so I made mine and personalised it

What year did you start tweeting?

A: technically 2012 but I got active December 2016 because of woman

Your first influencing job, how much were you paid?

A: N10k

How are you able to combining social media influencing with real life activities.

A: my name is Chemical Brother. Of course I’ll mix things 🤣

Where do you see social media influencing…5 years from now

A: in a good place actually because now we are having more niche influencers which means more diversity and more people flourishing in what they know how to do

So apart from Twitter, do you have any other social media account that pays you regularly?

A: yeah Instagram

Okay let’s pipe the seriousness down a little … Wizkid or David or Burna?

A: ah come on. If you’ve been following me you’ll know I’m a huge Wizkid fan but I love Afrobeats so I can’t limit myself to being a fan of just one

How do you think Twitter has impacted the growth of the Nigerian music industry?

A: easy information. Musicians can easily pass messages across to fans with just a simple tweet, start trends, musicians have “blown” from just a simple tweet. There’s more ways but this stands out to me

Who do you look up to in your line of work?

A: Pamilerin is still one of my biggest inspirations. Loved him from day 1 and proud of what he has achieved

What’s your favorite sport and why?

A: basketball and because it’s the greatest sport ever, argue with yourself


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