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Nigerian man shows off his amazing transformation five months after relocating abroad

A Nigerian man who traveled out of the country five months ago has taken to Twitter to show off his amazing transformation within such a short period.

The man identified as Chukwuka Adibia, shared a picture taken when he was working in a warehouse in Nigeria before he relocated abroad and another taken in his new country.

From both pictures, it’s evident that his physical appearance has changed for the better since he left the country.

He captioned it, “25 years in Nigeria vs 5 Months outside Nigeria”.

See below,

Within few hours of sharing the post online, it has amassed thousands of likes and comments from netizens who share their thoughts on his post.

While some pointed the obvious distinction in his look, others knocked him for attempting to paint Nigeria in a bad light and dared him to share a photo of him at his job abroad to make the basis of comparison equal.

See how some reacted below,

@ada_kobi wrote,

“Lol…congratulations. But there are guys who look like the second picture and way better and they are in Nigeria.”

@Jarofsilver wrote,

“What y’all don’t realise is that even if he took the picture outside in Nigeria with same attire, the picture wouldn’t be nice because of how the environment looks. In Nig, you work hard but can’t live in nice area/place. Outside Nig, you work hard & can afford a nice place.”

@greatone_inme wrote,

“Why didn’t you take the second picture at your place of work?”

@AkpaneAnne wrote,

You can still dress up like the second frame and take a picture in Nigeria, 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

@nnaenemy2001 wrote,

“You look good.

Post picture of you in your work clothes in the abroad. I want to check something.”

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