Nigerian lady in search of husband says only men in UK, Canada, others can apply

Nigerian lady in search of husband says only men in UK, Canada, others can apply

A pretty Nigerian lady with the Twitter handle, @nuel_ah, has gone online to say that she is ready to settle down.  Continue Reading>>>

What, however, seems different about her search was that she specifically mentioned the countries she wants suitors from, snubbing Nigerian men.

In a post on the platform on Thursday, October 22, Nuel said she wants men from the UK, Germany, Canada, and Russia to proposition her.

In showing why she is the best wife, the pretty Nigerian lady said that she has a dark complexion and she has enough body thickness to care for her husband and kids.  Continue Reading>>>

Below is her post: compiled some of the comment the post attracted:

@boy_jayJ said:

“I’m in uk are you think what I’m thinking??”

@thewilfem said:

“Nuella but I have a valid dream of leaving for UK sometime soon, not a valid visa yet, can I apply?”

@d_reamz said:

“Lol those countries you mentioned are not interested in (Plenty in front) but the likes of Ghana, Mexico, Iran, Indian, Mali etc are desperately in needs of Opor products.”

@TheOllyNuges said:

“I have a friend that stays in Azerbaijan and he’s looking for a Nigerian wife. Can I tag him?”


“Where are you running to?All of us are in this Nigeria together so my sister sit back here and relax.”

@Official_black0 said:

“Babe i use this medium to confess my endless love for you..We would make Nigeira a great place as i have a valid nigerian passport and i stay in lagos… we woud travel everywhere in the country with our kids… Don’t worry true love is her. From your future hubby.”

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a Nigerian lady with the Twitter name @Ms_oluwatobi caused a massive stir on the social media platform when she showcased her American passport, calling for applications from those interested in marrying her.

In her tweet, she said:

“I have blue Pali, who wants to marry me?”

In response, many Nigerian men flooded her comment section to show why they are the right candidates.

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