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Nigerian handsome actors in 2022

Nigerian handsome actors in 2022

Nigerian handsome actors in 2022
Nigerian handsome actors in 2022 is available for reading and comment on legitvibes

 Who is the most handsome Nigeria actor?

The Nigerian movie industry, popularly known as Nollywood is considered to be the second largest producer of movies in the world. The country has produced a lot of talented actors and actresses who have garnered recognition all over the world. Many of these actors are considered to be some of the most handsome Nigerian actors in the world.
This blog will identify the most handsome Nollywood actors in Nigeria.
If you have an interest in the Nigerian movie industry, you probably would want to know who are considered to be the most handsome Nollywood actors in Nigeria. Today we are going to look at the most handsome Nollywood actors and see what they have to offer on a list of the best.

Alex Ekubo

British Nigerian actor and model Alex Ekubo is a brand ambassador and consultant for the Nollywood initiative called The Omotayo Initiative. The initiative which is a partnership between a Lagos-based entertainment company and The Lagos State Government is aimed at increasing the export capacity of Nollywood, Nigeria’s indigenous film industry.
Alex Ekubo is a Nigerian actor and model, he was born on the 10 of April 1986. He was the first runner up at the Mr. Nigeria contest in 2010. He was also listed in CNN top 10 most attractive men in Nigeria in 2014.
Alex started his career as a model, where he modeled for some of the world’s best designers. He played the role of the king in the movie called “The King’s Daughter”. He has modeled for world class designers like Durban and from the looks of his body, he is a fitness freak.
Timini Egbuson.

Thanks for stopping by at this blog. In this blog, we’ll be taking a look into Timini Egbuson’s biography, his role in the movie saw and a little bit about him.
When did he start acting?
Timini Egbuson started acting while in secondary school, he’d always wanted to become an actor because he was always comfortable in front of the camera. He described it as a natural feeling, he’s never had a problem talking to the camera; it felt like a friend.
Timini Egbuson is a Nigerian actor, model, and presenter; he was born in Bayelsa State Nigeria, born on the 12 of June 1987. He’s a graduate of psychology from the University of Lagos. He’s also a member of the Delta State University Deltans, a fraternity. He is one of the fastest rising stars in the Nigerian acting world. He is a versatile, multi-talented actor who is a huge hit with both fans and critics.
Ik Ogbonna

Ik ogbonna
IK Ogbonna is a very talented actor who has done a lot of work in the Nigerian film industry. In this blog, you will learn more about his life and his different ventures into the Nigerian film industry.
IK Ogbonna is a Nigerian film actor, Model, Director, TV Personality and Entrepreneur. He started his career as a model and went on to win the Mr Nigeria title in 2007 before going on to fully pursue his dream of becoming an actor. He is best known for his roles as ‘Ogbuehi’ in the popular TV drama Tinsel and ‘Paul’ in The Meeting. He has starred in over 50 movies and has a lot to say about the industry and the future of Nigerian cinema. He also writes a regular blog which is popular with all his fans.
Mike Godson

Mike Godson
Michael Godson Ifeanyichukwu, best known as Mike Godson, he was born on October 10, 1965 at Owerri in Imo State, Nigeria. He is an African Billionaire, business magnate, investor and entrepreneur. He is the founder and Chairman of Success Resources Group (SRG), a conglomerate with interests in oil production, real estate, aviation, construction and manufacturing. He is also the founder of Success Airlines.
Mike Godson is one of the best known internet marketers in the business. In this blog, we are going to look at some of the strategies that helped him achieve decent fame.
#1                  He is not limited to just one social media platform
#2                  Multiple streams of income
#3                  He Doesn’t Shy Away From Jealousy
#4                  He is a Team Player
#5                  He is a Controversial Marketer
#6                  He is an Atheist

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Bryan Okwara

Bryan Okwara
Bryan Okwara is a well-known Nigerian actor. He has acted in a number of films and can often be seen in the likes of Tinsel, and the Age of Stupid. He is also a decent filmmaker. We took a look at his Twitter account and found out that he has been very busy. In fact, he has been tweeting about his films and other bits and pieces. He’s also been busy uploading photos of his films on his Instagram. In this blog we are going to look at his Twitter and Instagram account.
Bryan Okwara is one of the most sought actors in Nigerian movie industry. He has a lot of amazing movies under his belt. Many of them are classic movies. This blog will tell you how you can be like him, it will look at his early life and how he made it.

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