New Yahoo-Boy Secret Exposed: Yahoo boys now eat bread with babies poo-poo

Yahoo boys now eat bread with babies poo-poo

Wumi Ayotele(not real name), a nursing mother, who attended a birthday party of her colleague was sighted rapping her baby’s used diaper with poo-poo in a nylon and putting it in her bag.  Continue Reading>>>

When advised to throw it in a nearby dustbin by this writer instead of putting diaper with faeces in her bag, another nursing mother, mummy Victor, who was listening cuts-in, “No, it is better you take it home, I have also kept the two diapers with my baby’s poo-poo inside my bag, I will burn them when I get home. Even the nursing mother sitted there also kept used diapers of her baby in her bag.”

When asked the reason behind their acts, they told this writer that the fear of yahoo boys is now the beginning of wisdom to careful nursing mothers as they revealed that diabolical fraudsters now go about searching different dustbins and refuse dump sites, picking babies used diapers with poo-poo to eat bread because adults faeces they were reportedly using to eat bread before have become scarce as adults are now more careful of where they go to defecate.  Continue Reading>>>

To get more facts, The Hope spoke to some nursing mothers on this issue. In the submission of one of them, Mrs Blessing Egbira, explained that the news of yahoo boys searching for used babies diapers with poo-poo to eat bread was not new to nursing mothers anymore except for the careless ones. She said, ” The fear of internet fraudsters popularly known as yahoo plus boys reportedly using bread to eat faeces is now compelling nursing mothers to change the usual way of dumping their babies used diapers in dustbins to burning them for their babies’ safety.

Before now, they were eating bread with adults faeces, but most adults are now more careful of where they go to pass faeces, which make them turn to babies poo-poo in diapers. Is only God that will save us. ”
Another nursing mother, Mrs Bukunmi Eniola, lamented that though, she used gas cooker, she also spent money on kerosene to burn her baby’s used diapers into ashes.

The woman who condemned several reported cases of faeces eating act among young boys across the country described it as a misplaced priority and evidence of lazy youth who cannot uphold tomorrow. Her words, “The trend of faeces eating in the country for money rituals is on the rise and most disgusting that they now search for babies poo-poo to eat bread.

Young men in their 20s and 30s across the country have resorted to the new fast money making trend. Just of recent, Oyo State Police Command arrested a trader identified as Emmanuel Egbu, for allegedly eating human faeces with bread. Many other youth have equally been arrested for same reason.

“It is quite unbelievable that a person can eat faeces when he is not a pig or dog. Even if they want to eat faeces, why can’t they eat their own instead of someone else? I never knew before that they were using babies diapers with poo-poo until when my sister warned me to be burning my baby’s used diapers instead of dumping them in dustbins or refuse sites, that a nursing mother in her compound discovered in the morning that her well covered dustbin was turned upside down with the dirt littered the ground and could no longer find all the used diapers of her baby duped in the dustbin again.

The nursing mother was later told that yahoo boys now searched dustbins for used diapers with poo-poo to eat bread for money rituals. The woman since then, have been running from pillar to post.”

Sharing a similar sentiment, Mrs Tosin Jayeyeni, hinted that she was not aware of yahoo boys evil antics until when she took her baby for immunisation and was cautioned by another nursing mother who saw her when she dumped her baby used diaper in a dustbin at the hospital.

”The kind woman told me that internet fraudsters now hunt for babies used diapers with poo-poo to serve as butter for bread. I don’t know our youth can go to such an extent to get rich. Since then, I make it a point of duty to tell any nursing mother against dumping their babies used diapers in the dustbins but should be burnt instead.

Thank God, most nursing mothers who are aware of this sad development are taking precautionary measures to keep their babies safe. May the Lord heal our land. ”

An Okada rider, simply identified as Jay, and once a friend to a yahoo boy revealed during interview with this writer that to sustain your wealth as yahoo boys, eating faeces with bread is one of the rites you must perform. He said, “Once their spiritual consultants instructed them to eat faeces, they must obey for their clients to do their bidding.

When I discovered that my friend was into it and I warned him against it but refused, I quickly left him and moved to another state for my own safety, because they can use anybody including their parents and siblings.

“The number of youth who are into internet crime is assuming a frightening dimension because most of them cannot struggle to make money. It is still surprising to me how youth who should be useful at their hay days subject themselves to nauseating habit of eating faeces with bread.

Even the herbalist that does the ritual for them cannot do the same to his /her children in order to be rich. Forget the flashy cars they ride, what yahoo boys go through to be rich is beyond human imagination. Aside eating human faeces, most of them after carrying rituals to a particular spot as instructed never survive it.

They build mansions with their blood money but never live long to enjoy it.”
When asked the effects on those whose faeces were used to eat bread said that the victim cannot be normal health wisely again. “Before they eat anybody’s faeces, they chanted some incantations which will backfire at them should they failed to do as instructed.

That is why some of them used their parents whom they loved so much because they must use anyone who appears to them through the mirror, failure of which can lead to their untimely deaths or they run mad.”
On why they used innocent babies diapers, said that as far as yahoo boys were concerned, no one was innocent, all that matters to them was how to get rich quick.

“That is why it is advisable for nursing mothers to carefully keep their babies used diapers from the reach of yahoo boys. Though, to many, it is disgusting, insane and weird, but to the desperate wealth seeking youth, it is the way to go.

They also make use of used towels, sanitary pads, undies, used sponge, human hair from hairdressing and barbing shops, clothes spread outside and used shoes or slippers that people throw in the refuse. One should be more careful now than ever since they are everywhere.” he warned.

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