“My Duplicates Are Still on the Rampage” – Peter Obi Cries Out Of New Impersonation Tactics Against Him

“My Duplicates Are Still on the Rampage" - Peter Obi Cries Out Of New Impersonation Tactics Against Him

Peter Obi, the Labour Party candidate in the February 25 presidential election, has explained his brutal encounter at the presidential election tribunal court in Abuja on Wednesday, May 17.  Continue Reading>>>

The former governor of Anambra took to his Twitter page on Thursday morning, May 18 and said that some people were still impersonating him, both in Nigeria and in the international community.

He said he was in the courtroom yesterday when he was informed that some of his supporters were engaging Prince Mustapha Audu, son of the late Governor of Kogi state, who alleged that he (Obi), came to his (Audu) office and phoned him when he was at the front of the office.  Continue Reading>>>

Audu alleged that while Obi was trying to reach him through the phone, he (Obi) spoke in Igbo and was silent when he realised he (Audu) could not speak in Igbo.

According to Obi, his critics have resorted to tarnishing his image by impersonating him as well as recording his voice to justify their claim that he is a tribal bigot.

The Labour Party chieftain said he had to tell those who informed him in the court to tell the Obidients to delay Audu till the end of the court proceedings so that he could clear himself.

His statement reads in part:

“It was one of my aides who quickly alerted me on what was going on and I pleaded with him to go outside and tell the OBIdients who were with the man to kindly delay him until I come out of the courtroom.”

See the tweet here:


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