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MP3: Dave East – Don’t Let Me Down Feat. Benny The Butcher

With Benny The Butcher on an absolute tear surrounding the release of his new album Tana Talk 4, Dave East grabbed a perfect feature for his own EP, How Did I Get Here? (which released on the same day). Not necessarily serving as an album, this is Dave East’s 4th EP in a very solid body of work to this point. The track “Don’t Let Me Down” captures the quintessential elements of his sound and stylings, storytelling at the centerpiece with soulful sounds acting as the machinations that keep the wheels turning.

Throughout the duration of “Don’t Let Me Down,” Dave speaks on moving smarter in the fields he’s forayed into. Patience is a virtue, paying off in major ways in his life, as detailed in the track. Benny approaches of the same mindset, citing his age and newfound status as signs of the time it can take to reach that moment, while also encouraging those that want something to go get it.

Listen to “Don’t Let Me Down” below:

Quotable Lyric

You can be the witness, die for observation,
I started up a business, legal operation,
When a judge done took your time it ain’t no time for wasting,
They set the standards for this hustling, I’m just tryna raise em

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