Moment When Pastor Tried To Perform Deliverance On Mad Woman In Public

Moment When Pastor Tried To Perform Deliverance On Mad Woman In Public.


A Nigerian preacher has been spotted trying to perform deliverance on a mentally challenged woman, by force.  Continue Reading>>>


The man of God and madwoman created a scene in public which made passersby to pause and watch the drama.


He wanted to miraculously cure her, so he started blowing the breeze of liberation on the woman for her to regain her senses but she chose to pour spittle on him in retaliation.


He proceeded to place his hands on her, but it angered the madwomn who began to rain curses on him in Pidgin and Yoruba.  Continue Reading>>>


People tried to get the pastor to stop what he was doing but he just continued blowing breeze in her face.


Watch the video below:


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@OmoYakubu1; All these small small Pastor no dey get patient finish apprenticeship, he for understand say no be real Sick people miracle dey cure.


@view_sammy; Now, who’s actually MAD? Bcox confusion don break bone here oooooo


@SassieEve; Na oyingbo market be this nah😂😂😂😂🤣if he no fit heal this one make he move to another person…


@Charles24031311; Tomorrow he’ll tell his congregation he wrestled with a demon.


@_godbrian; From the video i watched the woman is not mad na, it’s the man that is mad here. The woman even speaks well. Make Una check that man well o


In other news, a Nigerian pastor recently made a shocking revelation to a woman that the man she is married to is her elder brother who was reported dead decades ago.


During a deliverance session, the cleric explained that the woman was informed during her childhood that her only brother died, but he is now 40 years old.


According to him, that was the only son her father had and he welcomed the boy with his second wife, who collapsed as a result of the news of his death.


He said that boy did not die, rather he only went missing and became the person she eventually got married to. The pastor also mentioned Sunday as her husband’s name.


The woman said she has been married for five years and they are yet to have a child. But the pastor said the reason she has not been blessed with a child is because her husband is her brother.




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