Meet The Ekiti Boy Who Generated Electricity From 2 Stones To Power His Home (Video)

Meet The Ekiti Boy Who Generated Electricity From 2 Stones To Power His Home (Video)


Ayo explained that he dropped out of school in SSS1 but that he needed public support to be able to buy the equipment he needed to continue with his trade.Continue Full Reading>>>


A Nigerian teenager has been hailed on social media after he was able to generate electricity from stones.


Ayo aka Tolani Danger from Erijiyan-Ekiti state revealed that he is an apprentice electrician.Continue Full Reading>>>


In a Twitter video by Ekiti trends, the boy explained how he was able to generate electricity using stones.


Ayo explained that he would love to further his education but is in need of support to enable him master his trade.Continue Full Reading>>>


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@Ralphorb stated that: “That’s Colbat stone. That’s the next wealth generation that will replace the use of petroleum oil and clean energy of sustainable development. Tesla and other electric vehicle manufacturers will soon enter Ekiti and other places where Colbats are discovered.


“Yes, with lithium found in Kano, Osun, Kogi & Ogun. Now Ekiti has Cobalt which is more better. In 2022, Tesla approach Nigeria, but was rejected, as Nigeria agreement is to manufacture here instead of mining and exporting raw materials.Continue Full Reading>>>


@oluwatosin_n: This is a great invention. And the story needs to be documented properly. Erijiyan to the world????????????❤


@DamyAdeyemi: “1. Been to Erinjiyan before, that town didn’t have electricity for years until the issue was resolved recently if I remember correctly.


“2. If this stuff is viable commercially, there’re many opportunities for the boy. For example, Movie on Netflix: The boy who harnessed the wind.”


@adebayosalako6: “It is extra-ordinary . He is apparently in contact with cosmic forces.”


@LekzieKong: “The boy is so wonderful. He generates light from omi Erin water too. I saw it. Doing many things with electric stuff. ????????”


@olamayokunwale: “Wow this is extraordinary ???? it’s his confidence for me ????”




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