Meet Little Boy Who Leaves House at Night, Storms the Streets to Read with Street Light

Little Boy Leaves House at Night, Storms the Streets to Read with Street

A viral video of a little boy reading his books with a streetlight has melted hearts on social media.  Continue Reading>>>

The viral clip showed the boy named Abraham sitting by the roadside with his books scattered all over the floor.

A man who was just driving by saw the kid and immediately stopped his car to ask him questions regarding the situation.

The little boy revealed that he usually comes out to the streets to read because they had no electricity at home.  Continue Reading>>>

Sharing the video via TikTok, the man identified as @doskylings said:

“This boy leaves home to study and do his homework under a street light since they have no electricity.”

Social media reactions

@josyfergu said:

“I’m sad ooooo when I seee kids go through this and after completing university they don’t get job opportunities.”

@bosschiq6 stated:

“Pls how can we help him. We really need to help him get light in the house so that he can learn at home plss.”

@royyal_v wrote:

“In the meantime can we send flash lights and batteries until someone comes up with something.”

@midoriya_queen said:

“I just sent that to my son. Because he has to understand that In Canada he has everything and still lazy.”

@richorganics7 added:

“Lord please forgive me for being lazy with my studies not wanting to log on & being ungrateful complaining saying I’m to tired I’m so sorry.”

@that1guyalex1 commented:

“My father did the same thing! Noe I’m blessed to have the opportunity I have rn. He has a bright future ahead.”

Watch the video below:

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