Meet Amou Haji, the world’s dirtiest man who has not bathed in 67 years

Amou Haji

What’s the longest you’ve gone without taking a shower? A day? Two? Maybe a week at max when you were sick. Well, Iran’s Amou Haji has not bathed for 67 years and is called the world’s dirtiest man. Here’s what we know about the dirtiest man alive.  Continue Reading>>>

Amou Haji

The 87-year-old has not bathed in over six decades and looks close to the biblical Moses bathed in ashes. Not taking a bath for a little over 77 percent of one’s life is indeed something.

Amou lives by himself in the Iranian desert. He doesn’t own a house and lives in holes found in the outskirts of the village in the desert. The holes resemble graves which keeps him in check with reality. There are also open brick shacks he sometimes lives in, a gift from the villagers who pity him. His isolated lifestyle is the aftereffect of several emotional setbacks during his youth, reported Tehran Times.  Continue Reading>>>

world's dirtiest man

His favorite meals are rotting animal meats, especially porcupine meat. He detests home-cooked meals. He gives importance to hydration and drinks over five liters of water from his large rust tin can. After all, living in a desert is not easy.

Apart from rotting meat, smoking cigarettes is another thing that he enjoys. However, once he is finished with the cigarettes that the villagers offer him, he smokes animal dung out of a rusty pipe. According to him, smoking animal dung trumps store-bought and even hand-rolled cigarettes. The world’s dirtiest man keeps his hair short and trims them over fine when they get out of hand.

world's dirtiest man

One can find him wearing a helmet, not to fend off enemies but to keep warm on cold nights of the desert.

So, why hasn’t he bathed for so long?

He believes that if he bathes, he will fall ill. He is scared of water and thinks that staying dirty for so long is what ensured his survival. Amou sometimes checks himself out in mirrors, well, side mirrors of cars that pass by.

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