May 29: Rev. Fr. Mbaka Reveals New Prophecy On Tinubu

May 29: Rev. Fr. Mbaka Reveals New Prophecy On Tinubu


The leader of the Adoration Ministry in Enugu, Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka, spoke to his members about the accusations and court cases filed against Bola Tinubu after the presidential election. He referred to Revelations 10:12 and said Tinubu won the case, and that those who used to accuse him have been thrown down.Continue Full Reading>>>


In the video, Fr. Mbaka said: “The law suit filed against Tinubu can be likened to a case between the lawyer of God and the lawyer of the devil. One lawyer is saying that Tinubu won the election, while the other lawyer is saying he did not win because the Bimodal Voter Accreditation System (BIAS) didn’t work on the election day. They even said Tinubu was not qualified to contest the election because he has criminal records.Continue Full Reading>>>


“As it stands, Tinubu’s lawyer has won. This was what the Bible said in Revelations 10:12, that the accusers of the brethren who accused them by day and night have been thrown down. Those who used to accuse Tinubu have been thrown down and he will be sworn in on May 29”.


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